Registration Edit

If you are looking to join a team please send an e-mail containing your name, and a number we can text to

Or if you are looking for more information about the team setup for an upcoming event, please call 1 (540) 480-6354

Questions or Comments Edit

If you would like to ask any questions or leave any comments about us please feel free to send to or if your comments are based on a war or battle, please leave your comments in the comment section below for other viewers to read.

For Directions or Other Questions Edit

If you need directions to an upcoming event, please send your request to so that we can attach directions on a reply. If you have any other questions not pertaining to the above mentioned please feel free to call our representative at 1 (540) 480-6354

For Advice or Request's about the Website Edit

If you would like to send requests or advice for our website or next event please send them to

Follow Us Edit

Follow us on on Twitter: @TacSimAmerica

Or like us on facebook

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