TacSim operates on some very basic rules for airsofting, these rules are in place not to hinder your performance, but instead to keep you safe while playing the sport. Please keep these rules in mind when playing airsoft at any of our events and remember that our officials have the right to ban or suspend you from any competition and refund your entry fee if we feel that any of the rules listed below are being deliberately disregarded. As always we hope you have a safe and fun experience with us!

Be Mindful of others:

We are in the game of airsoft to have fun and not to hurt each other, so please be mindful of how you interact with others, don't hurt someone unnecessarily or argue with any of the other players or staff! Also, never aim for another players head, although players get hit often on or near the face we ask that you not purposefully try to hurt another player.

Always Wear Eye Protection:

his rule is for obvious safety reasons, for safety purposes TacSim requires that you have a pair of eyeglasses to play in our competition, in fact, we strongly recommend that you bring an extra pair with you to the field. In the case that your eyeglasses break or become lost we reserve the right to hold you from playing if a replacement pair cannot be found.

Orange Safety Markers Are Required on all guns:

For both legal and safety reasons an orange tip or marking should be openly displayed on all of your weapons. TacSim staff reserves the right to turn you away if this requirement is not met, as it is illegal to not have your gun clearly marked and could get you and our staff in serious legal trouble

Be Mindful of objects in your area:

Although objects such as buildings or other decorations are meant to be played around please do not purposefully try to destroy property while you play as this could lead to serious legal consequence and could also hinder us from hosting more competitions in the future. Likewise, be mindful of where you are aiming and shooting as we do not want to damage any buildings in the area that are not part of the field we are currently playing on.

Bang Bang (12 foot rule):

In order to keep players safe we ask that when engaging an enemy that is within twelve feet (approx.) and is caught off guard that you instead yell "bang bang", or use a plastic knife instead of bb's, this is to ensure that no one gets hurt by close range shots. This rule only comes into affect when the other player is inattentive, however we do ask that you use this rule when in close range fights with one or two other people. This rule can only be honored if the opponent who yells it first is aiming towards the player he wishes to take out (and for use in stealth it can be whispered as long as the opposing player can hear it), you must aim and call each opponent in order to hit individual enemies separately.

700FPS power Max:

Again for obvious safety concerns we do not allow the use of weapons that exceed 700 feet per second under any circumstance as this could cause serious harm to other players. Depending on the match or location there may be other restrictions placed on FPS caps but any changes will be posted on that event's page so be sure to read the event descriptions.

Thank you for reading and keeping these rules in mind when you play with us, again, we ask that you have a fun time while playing airsoft with TacSim!

You can also find our full legal policy here...

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