Here at TacSim we see our events as a way to progress airsofting in our community and not to hinder, and you should as well. By attending any of our events you indirectly agree to abide our policy, which is strictly enforced at all competitive events and is defined below:

TacSim is a company dedicated to bringing realistic airsoft competitions to small areas and rural communities and to raise awareness for the sport in communities. By attending any such event that is backed by TacSim you agree to abide by the rules and regulations set by our policy agreement.

At any time TacSim reserves the right to withhold you from, or permanently ban you from, any of our competitions if one of our officials feels that their is a safety, or legal violation that go's directly against the terms defined within this policy or the direct law.

Safety is a key concern as airsofting can be harmful, or even lethal, when safety measures are not met and enforced. Safety glasses are required at all times while a match is ongoing unless you are within a clearly marked safe zone designated by our officials. Orange safety markers must be clearly visible at all times while airsofting and not covered (by paint, electrical tape, cloth, etc.) we do carry orange tape at all of our events in order to mark guns with if your marker is permanently covered. It is recommended that you check for any other safety rules as these may vary each event, we will update the battle screen with any required or recommended safety adjustments as they are added however you can find our base rules and regulations for all airsoft games in the Rules and Regulations tab on our page.

The use of illegal substances and alcohol will not be tolerated in any of our competitions and will be enforced using permanent ban from all future competitions. Smoking menthol cigarettes or other cigarettes is allowed, however, this can only be permitted in a safe zone designated by our officials and if your age allows for it.

Any of our officials have the right to set you out of a match or ban you from future competitions after consulting with other officials if the need arises, and there is a direct violation of our policy, rules and regulations, or direct law.

TacSim and our officials are not responsible for damage to any equipment or weapons as a result of nature, wear, or owner misuse. If damage is caused to private belongings or people not part of the field it is the direct responsibility of the user to pay any damages and appropriate fines directly to the owner of said property or persons.

TacSim wishes you a safe and fun airsofting and we hope to see you at all of our future events!

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