Welcome Edit

Welcome to TacSimAmerica's home page! We are a local very rural club based on combat simulation, air-soft, and gun safety / gun use training. We provide a fun and safe environment for players as well as educating people on how to properly use and handle live firearms. We host a variety of both pickup and event games in the Millboro and Warm Springs area of Virginia.

We hope you find our website useful and we look forward to seeing you in the field!!!

Events Edit

Here are some of our upcoming events you can check out, if you're interested in playing a match you can contact us at 1 (540) 480-6354 (Call or Text) to sign on and RSVP for any events listed here!

Rules and Regulations Edit

Seeing as how we at TacSimAmerica would like to provide a safe venue for our players, we do have various rules and regulations to keep the game properly safe and fair to all. You can find our R&R's here!

Tips for Beginning Air-soft Players Edit

Here you can find tips on how to get into air-soft as a beginner, but don't pass this up if your an experienced player as we also provide good links for good gear and some tricks you may not know yet!

War, War Never Changes!!! Edit

Though it is an unavailable to us at the moment we are currently working towards preparing a game over top of our matches. "War" will be a record of events between two teams competing in large scale matches culminating in a final result at the end of the year to see which team is the best! Each event will have an impact on the total outcome of the fictional war by pitting fixed teams against each other.

Discussion Edit

Here's our discussion pages where you can interact with individuals on the site and the editor as well as discuss things that we could do to improve our services or our site.

Contact Us Edit

You can direct any questions or comments to us using these contacts:

Email us at:

Call or Text us at: 1 (540) 480-6354

@ us: @TacSimAmerica

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